Tom Brady reveals how Patriots handled the national anthem while sitting with Oprah

Tom Brady did not have much to say last week when he met the media for the first and only time in this off season but apparently because he saved everything for Oprah.

The Patriot quarterback recently teamed up with the media mogul for a long interview aired on Father's Day. Although you can not see the full interview until Sunday, the Oprah Winfrey Network has released several preview clips this week in which Brady talks about several things, including the national anthem protests, his relationship with his wife, and how spiritual he is.

During the National Anthem protests, Brady offered some new information and admitted that the Patriots had held several meetings before the third matchday against the Texans. The meetings were held so that the team could decide how they would react to Donald Trump's September comments, where he said all protesting NFL players should be fired.

"We had meetings after training about how we wanted to deal with this particular situation," Brady said. "We decided to close our arms and put arms over each other, we support what people go through."

Several Patriot players also knelt during the anthem, which marked the first and only time of the season in which a Patriots player got a knee.

Brady added that it is important to show everyone respect.

"I've been doing sport long enough, everyone is coming from something else," Brady said. "I think showing respect for everyone in a locker room – a team full of guys trying to go in the same direction – you have that empathy for everyone – that's what sport is all about."

One thing the national anthem did not do is share the team. Brady said the patriots are very open about their beliefs.

"I think there were a lot of really good conversations in our locker room," Brady said. "The great thing about sports is relationships, and I've been in it for a long time, I've been with people from all over the country: every color, every race, every belief, and do you know what, you respect." What other people do – I do, I respect, why people do what they do, and they do it for different reasons, and that's fine. You can do things for your sake, they can do things for their own sake, and you have respect for them. But I thought it was great.

In addition to the national anthem, Brady also dealt with some off-field topics, including his wife Gisele Bündchen.

"I love coming home to someone who hires me every night," Brady said. It makes me laugh, oh my god. In a way, we are different when somehow we are so similar. She flies to heaven, she's so creative, and I'm very rooted, so she pulls me in. "So I could not be stretched without her."

Oprah also managed to ask a question about how spiritual Brady is because, honestly, Oprah is allowed to ask anything she wants.

"Well, I think I have curios in many ways," Brady said. "I think much of it is learning and loving to learn, and I think since I was a kid I just love the experience of learning new things, learning how they affect my life, and how they affect my relationships Woman I would say we are spiritual beings with a human experience, it's great and it's so true. "

To find out if Brady is talking about his offseason, his contract, or his relationship with Bill Belichick, you have to go into that entire interview, which will air on Sunday at 11 o'clock ET on OWN.

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