Tom Cruise flies by helicopter, the daughter goes by bus

Tom Cruise, 58, has an estimated fortune of $ 570 million, being one of the richest actors in Hollywood. Due to the pandemic, which killed 368,504 Britons and killed 41,628, he decided to travel exclusively by helicopter during filming in the United Kingdom on “Mission Impossible”.

On Thursday, however, Bella’s daughter, whom he adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman (which lasted from 1990 to 2001), was caught by the paparazzi while waiting for the bus at a station in Croydon to go to London. Bella, who is married to IT engineer Max Parker, leads a normal life without any substantial financial help from her father.

He has a fortune of 570 million dollars

In the same situation is her brother, DJ Connor Cruise (25 years old), who for almost five years has been earning his own money by pocketing music at social events in Florida, USA. Bella wore a mask throughout the bus ride, as did her father, and disinfected her hands as soon as she got off. She is an art consultant and collaborates with several London-based artists.

Bella and Connor joined the ranks of Scientology at their father’s urging. Tom Cruise was also married to Mimi Rogers, between 1987-1990 and Katie Homes, between 2006 and 2012. He has the same distant attitude towards his descendants regarding Suri (14 years old), whom bad mouths claim. that he hadn’t seen her since 2013.

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