Tom Cruise has something to catch up with. Russian filmmakers made the first film in the real universe

The Russian filmmakers returned from the ISS in the show, where they shot footage for a new film. The Soyuz MS-18 landed safely in Kazakhstan. Actress Julija Peresild and director Klimov Šipenko spent 12 days in orbit with the determination to shoot film scenes in real space for the first time. They were accompanied to the International Space Station by cosmonaut Anton Škaplerov.

The Soyuz ship with Russian filmmakers landed in Kazakhstan. The first film from the real universe is born Video: Associated Press

The film with the working title The Challenge is supposed to be a story about a doctor who has nothing to do with astronautics, she is forced to fly into space to save a sick astronaut. The film also features real Russian cosmonauts Škaplerov, Oleg Novickij and Pyotr Dubrov. Prior to departure, it was estimated that about 35 minutes of imaging would take place in orbit.

The film space journey can also serve as an advertisement that could attract young people to work in space. However, he has his critics, who do not like that so much money has been put into a film project instead of research. Roskosmos did not announce the price of the event, Rogozin only said that he hopes that the income from the next flights of space tourists will help cover the costs.

With this project of the first “live” shooting in space, the Russians have surpassed the USA, because it is known that Tom Cruise also wants to fly into space and should fly with a SpaceX rocket.



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