Tom Cruisera can hardly be recognized

Tom Cruise is currently 59, but it’s no exaggeration to say he doesn’t really look over 45. At least that was the case until he visited a Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants baseball game in Los Angeles. Tom Cruise, famous for his brain-throwing stunt stunts, was of course such an event that he was even exposed to the projector and fans rushed him for pictures. He stood in the mud in a way worthy of a professional star, but seeing the social media reactions caused by the pictures, he may probably regret that he moved out of the home that day – it turns out from the article in

Tom Cruise watches baseball (photo: Professional Media)

There’s a lot of chill in social media about how much the actor’s face has changed. The majority opinion is that some kind of beauty intervention can be a goose.

Of course, some have tried to defend their pet by taking an unfavorable photo of anyone, but there were plenty of photos of Cruise in that match, and all seem disadvantageous.

Let’s hope we get the handsome Tom Cruise back as soon as the beauty intervention is no longer so fresh.

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