Tom Hanks considers that he has made only four good films during his career

“I’ve done a ton of them (and only four of them are good, I think). I’m always impressed with how one makes a movie.”

In May, Tom Hanks will publish his first novel, a fiction inspired by his experience in Hollywood titled “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece” (“The Making of a Major New Cinematic Masterpiece”). An ironic title for this project telling “the creation of a multimillion-dollar superhero blockbuster inspired by a small comic book.” At 66 years old and a hundred films on the clock, the actor explains that he mixed all kinds of stories that he really lived to imagine this book, and admits in passing that he only considers having shot in a handful of good movies.

“All the characters in the novel do things that I experienced while making a film, they draw lessons from it, a certain philosophy, he details at People. Even the craziest moments are drawn from stunts I may have done or mistakes I survived. (…) No one knows how a film is made, even if everyone thinks they know. I’ve made a ton of them (and only four of them are good, I find). I’m always impressed by the way a film is made. The way a simple idea becomes an image on screen…the whole process is a miracle. Making films is hard work over a long period during which there are as many happy moments as there are self-loathing ones. It’s the best job in the world, and the one that requires the most collaboration, in my opinion. I hope the book captures well these ‘accidental judgments and those habitual attacks’ that we receive by making films conceived as ‘a mirror of nature’projects I’ve witnessed (or caused) since joining the Screen Actors Guild.”

What are the works that Tom Hanks considers successful in his filmography? Philadelphia ? Forrest Gump ? Apollo 13 ? We have to save the soldier Ryan ? The green Line ? Cloud Atlas ? Elvis ? If we are almost certain that he is not thinking of to the saga The Da Vinci Codewhich he has openly criticized in the pasthe gives no details about the films that find favor in his eyes…

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