Tom Hanks was surprised by a party holding his wedding photography

The Oscar-winning actor warmly welcomed the young party, with whom he talked for a few minutes and then undertook several joint pictures.

Diciembre and Tashia Farries were just celebrating their big day at Santa Monica Beach (part of Los Angeles) when Tom Hanks approached them. The photo shoot after the narrow ceremony, made even more memorable by the emergence of the world star, People magazine gave news. Of course, a video about the meeting was immediately posted on the World Wide Web, in which the reaction of the wedding crowd can be heard. “This is Woody!” They referred to Hanks’ character as Toy Story from the animated tale of Forest Gump his star voiced the sentient-hearted sheriff figure in the original American version.

December to Todayhe was told that they were so busy with photography and their happiness that Tom’s appearance had a whole lot to do. “It was that certain cherry in our day” (which in Hungarian would sound more like icing on our cake – ed.) – he added happily. The newlyweds also said they talked to Tom for at least five minutes and then took several pictures together. It didn’t even bother the actor that he wasn’t in the right outfit for the occasion (he was just walking in the tracksuit on the oceanfront), posing cheerfully with the couple. Presumably, this encounter will be an even fonder memory for the young couple because they have become the “mascot” of their marriage, who is the embodiment of a happy marriage itself.

33 years in complete happiness

Namely, Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary this year. The couple first met in person in 1981, when Rita appeared as a guest character in one of the scenes Bosom Buddies in a series starring Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks. Tom revealed that he had seen Rita before in The Brady Bunch series and was completely impressed by the screen, which is why he was so happy to work together. Tom and Rita are very happy together, they confess that they still love each other as much as when they connected their lives and rarely quarrel.

On April 30, Wilson also shared a picture on Instagram in which he recalled their own wedding. “33 years of marriage to my BFF, (my best friend forever – a ed.), with my love, with my boyfriend, ”wrote the 65-year-old actress. In the picture, by the way, they both look very happy.
Their love really is like a real Hollywood story where love always wins!

Featured image: Getty Images