Tom Hunting of Exodus is “grateful for the science” which helped him in his fight against cancer – Marseille News

EXODUS drummer Tom the hunt says who says he’s “grateful for the science” that helped him in his battle with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the stomach. The 56-year-old made the comment just three weeks after joining his bandmates on stage at the Replica festival in Sacramento, California. The concert marked the musician’s first appearance with EXODUS since undergoing a successful total gastrectomy in July.

À M discussed his battle with cancer in an Oct. 27 interview with “The Classic Metal Show”. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “These are just things that some of us are going to have to go through. I am very grateful for the science and what they have been able to do to change a bad situation for me. I think I was lucky – I’m ‘I’m much luckier than brave, that’s for sure.

“When it comes to perspective shifts, I definitely don’t think I sweat the little things so much anymore,” he continued. “Things that used to stress me out or whatever, it’s not worth it anymore. But I’m in a good position now. I was able to join the group, and it was awesome. I’ve been able to do a gig with them back up so far, and we’ll be doing another next month.

“I have no limitations – dietetic, physical or otherwise”, Hunt Explain. “I’m in a good position right now. I am lucky enough. They can’t find cancer in me right now. And trust me, they sting and pushing and taking screenshots of my bowels and bowels all the time. They use words like “benchmarks” and “margins,” and all of my benchmarks and margins are just fine right now. They understood everything; that’s what they told me. I will not say [I’m] cancer free, because I don’t want to hurt him. But they are cautiously optimistic. They say I have a lot to celebrate right now, so I’m celebrating, bro. “

EXODUS patted Jean Tempesta play the drums for the band at Psycho Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada in August and Full Terror Assault in Cave In Rock, Illinois in September as Hunt was recovering from an operation. Storm was a member of EXODUS from 1989 to 1993 and performed on the group’s albums “The impact is imminent” (1990) and “Force of habit” (1992).

When Hunt announced his absence from Psycho Las Vegas and Full Terror Assault, he said in a statement, “I have to manage my own expectations and then get my heart back in shape to be fully ready for action. I have no doubt that I will bounce back and get there. “

A GoFundMe campaign to help Hunt with medical expenses had already raised more than $ 114,000, of which $ 5,000 was À Mis old EXODUS group mate, current METALLIC guitarist Kirk Hammett, and $ 1,500 of FOZZY singer and wrestling superstar Chris Jericho.

EXODUS will release his new album, “Person not grateful”, November 19 on Nuclear explosion records. The LP was recorded in a studio in Lake Almanor, California and was designed by Steve Lagudi and EXODUS. It was produced by EXODUS and was mixed by Andy Sneap. For the third time in the history of the group, they returned to the Swedish artist Pär Olofsson to create the album cover.

“Person not grateful” is the sequel to 2014 “Blood in blood outside”, which was the first release of the San Francisco Bay Area thrashers since the band’s lead singer left the group for nine years, Rob ducs, and the return of Steve « Zero » Souza, who has already directed EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004.

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