Conservative Fox News expert Tomi Lahren angered the Conservatives by stating that the overthrow of Roe against Wade would be a grave mistake for the Republican Party, despite Donald Trump's second Supreme Court nominee.

According to a Huffington Post Report, on Saturday took time during a segment time for them Final thoughts to protest the overthrow of the 1973 women's case, which led to legal abortions in the United States.

Driving apparently shocked her audience with her comment.

"We lose as we begin to manipulate social issues, are we really going to fight to end up losing Democrats, Moderates and Libertarians in the end? This is a risk I do not think is worth it."

inquisitr reports that President Donald Trump plans to announce his replacement for Judge Anthony Kennedy, 81st Supreme Court Justice. As Kennedy announced his resignation, Republicans believed that Trump's second candidate would in the end conservatively influence the court, and eventually a conservative court would end the Roe against Wade's decision in any way overturn.

While Lahren said that she would choose life herself, she believed that the government had no right to dictate such decisions to women. Not surprisingly, her unexpected attitude produced a wide range of responses, from people who called her a false conservative to those who were utterly surprised to agree with her ideas.

Conservative writer Ned Ryun wrote on Twitter and said: "Lahr's lack of clarity in this simple topic in itself is the cause of almost total disqualification from the conservative cause, because it's a worldview that makes conservatism a superior political pursuit no moral root. "

Together with his tweet, he combined with one town hall Opinion column written by Kevin McCullough entitled "Tomi Lahren's Six Lies on SCOTUS & The Right To Life."

The fiery Fox News presenter responded quickly and tweeted, "Who should tell me what to believe in? Who should tell me what my moral fiber is? Who are you telling me that I'm not 'conservative enough'? This is the mentality that makes people on the left, you can contradict me, but do not dare to tell me how to think. "

Some people also called Lahren a hypocrite for their testimony because they believe that they attach an incredibly important moral aspect to something they hold. While the conservative Pandemit does not shy away from all social problems, she makes a valid point with this last thought. On the other hand, the people who call her want her to get out of all "social issues".



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