Tomiii 11 received posthumous diamond plaque on YouTube

Tomiii 11 the Chilean youtuber received a posthumous YouTube plaque for the 10 million subscribers he achieved.

A short time ago it was reported that the minor had died after years of fighting cancer. The boy died during the morning of August 30, according to relatives and people close to Tomiii 11. The gamer became popular when he asked players to help him make his channel better known.

After the support of Internet users, the young man achieved one million subscribers.

Recently, his father, Vicente Blanch, reported that YouTube sent him the diamond button. Remember that this is awarded to content creators who exceed ten million subscribers. In this sense, on September 2, internet users decided to campaign for other users to subscribe to the channel. It was a kind of tribute to the minor.

“You are no longer just a great channel, now you are a global phenomenon,” reads the letter sent by YouTube.

The news was spread with a video that was published a couple of days ago, but the plaque had been obtained in October.


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