Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansua, governor of Alexandria, charged the officials of the Supply Directorate with the incentive to launch an initiative under the slogan "Alexandria is worthy", aimed at confronting the greed of traders and lowering the high prices in the market for retail sellers and controlling the excessive rise in those prices, And work to equate the issue of supply and demand in the market.

Deputy Minister of Supply in Alexandria Mohamed Saadallah said that the initiative will be activated starting on Sunday at the branches of the consumer complexes and mobile cars company, and will be applied to 40 branches of the company from a total of 210 branches spread throughout the province. That it was coordinated with the company of consumer complexes to expand the initiative in the number of branches to reach the largest coverage of Alexandria in full.

It was coordinated with the Fruits and Vegetables Division of the Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria to supply large quantities of vegetables and fruits at reduced prices. It will be offered without a profit margin to the consumer complexes company, with a reduction of 20% for wholesale prices and 40% for market prices.


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