Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1): the summary of episode 196 of Tuesday, April 17

Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1): the summary of episode 196 of Tuesday, April 17

Tuesday, April 17 in Tomorrow belongs to us … Alex is disturbed by her childhood memories, brought to the surface after sessions with the psychic Oriane and is not satisfied with the explanations that his parents give him. He argues with his father, who avoids the question. In addition, Alex is late on organizing a festival at the marina and Robin Bellanger do not fail to make him feel it. For its part, Chloe is still worried about Alex for whom this story of memories in the forest becomes haunting. She asks Anna to seek information about Oriane through the help of Karim . After negotiations with him, Anna managed to convince him to help him. For her part, she visits the fortune-teller on the pretext of an article on this subject, but Oriane feels visions in her and Anna comes out of her head. Karim discovers that a complaint was lodged against the clairvoyant for “abuse of weakness” and Chloe and Anna decide to go see the complainant. They actually meet the sister of this denier, who explains to them that he is dead, driven to suicide by Oriane, according to her. ⋙ Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1): Oriane, the new medium is it worthy of trust? Its interpreter, Aurélie Konaté answers us (VIDEO) Lucia is still disturbed by Mark who continues to call him from prison. She confides in Victory who offers his help to “detoxify” him. But Lucie goes to see Laurence to tell him again that she was leaving the police and asking for a favor. She wants the investigating judge to help her get access to see Marc in prison. Lucie wants to see him again one last time to confront him and to be able to forget him by turning the page. Leonardo Vallorta made a filmed communication to wash away any suspicion Flora concerning the matters that led him to resign. She plans to hold new elections. But that does not seem enough … Returning to the town hall, Flore finds Christelle in order to restore order to the reception because a demonstration took place. A pile of unhappy letters await Flore. ⋙ Tomorrow belongs to us: the series of TF1 bought on the other side of the Atlantic! For its part, Noor sees her tattoo become seriously infected, and she shows it to Judith who advises him to talk to his brother-in-law Rémy . The nurse decides to take care of the injury at the hospital but Noor fears that his mother will see it. Leila approaches the treatment room but Judith manages to take the place of Noor (who hides) in time and invents a history of discomfort to justify his presence in the hospital. He was less of a …

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