Tomorrow, Bogor City Government Starts Implementing 100 Percent WFH


JAKARTA – Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya Sugiarto announced that all government offices in its territory did work from home (WFH) 100 percent. The decision is valid for a week from June 29 to July 6, 2021.

“I announce that the City Government is taking steps to enforce 100 percent WFH from tomorrow until it enters again on Tuesday while looking at the development of existing conditions,” said Bima, to reporters at Bogor City Hall, Monday (28/6/2021).

All State Civil Apparatus (ASN) of Bogor City work from home. Except for those who are in direct contact with basic daily public services such as hygiene, health and others. Read too: Bima Arya Asks DKI to Prioritize Workers from Bogor WFH

“Everyone works from home, except for services that are directly related to basic daily services. Garbage services cannot be stopped, emergency services must also stand by and then also for the Health Office, Dishub in the field. Everything else is at home and this is not holidays, at home you are not allowed to go out unless there are urgent matters and all reports,” said Bima.

Then, Bima asked each office to appoint a picket schedule every day. So that communication coordination with both the central government and the provincial government continues to run well. Read too: Covid-19 Cases Rise, Bekasi Implements 75% Office WFH for 2 Weeks

Bima added that the implementation of 100 percent WFH was to avoid the transmission of Covid-19 among ASN within the Bogor City Government. Because, so far there have been 42 confirmed ASN from various services dinas positive for Covid-19 .

“This step is to avoid transmission in ASN circles, because we are at the forefront. If ASN falls out who serves the residents. Second, reducing mobility means that if the City Hall has no activity, the offices have no activity, the mobility of residents is also expected to decrease. Thirdly, give an example starting from from City Hall, starting from the city government to stay at home,” he concluded.