Tomorrow is decided today: understand the industry of the future

The company Comundi, with the expertise of Techniques de l’Ingénieur, is organizing the Carrefour Industrie du futur, which will be held by videoconference on Thursday, December 9, 2021. The goal: to enlighten you on the major issues facing industrialists. adapt.

The cornerstone of France’s recovery plan, the industry is constantly evolving to respond to the major challenges that lie before us. In a very competitive context, the means of production are modernizing thanks to automation, robotization and connectivity.

The cards are constantly being reshuffled to meet increasingly pressing environmental constraints: product sustainability, energy and digital transition and optimized management of raw materials.

The ambition of “Carrefour industrie du futur” organized by Comundi with the expertise of Engineering Techniques, which will be held by videoconference on Thursday, December 9, 2021, is to enlighten you on the major issues to which you will have to adapt.

The objectives of the “Carrefour industrie du futur”

Staying the course of competitiveness while respecting new environmental constraints requires a transformation of the means of production. It’s about simultaneously understanding the new challenges and using the right tools to meet the goals.

To provide you with the skills required, the event revolves around 3 axes:

  • how to upgrade its means of production to fully enter the 4.0 factory: presentation of physical and IT technologies (automation, robotization, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, IOT and IA) to optimize flows between the different operational entities (production, supply and maintenance);
  • definition of the implications of the energy transition and the levers to be operated to decarbonize industrial processes: knowledge of regulations, financing, recycling, renewable energies, storage, etc. ;
  • how to innovate sustainably in a circular economy: design methods, bio-mimicry, use of new, more efficient materials, repairability, waste management, etc.
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Each point will be illustrated by examples of successful transformations and best practices in order to draw a panorama that is both complete and concrete of the solutions at your service.

An optimized program to give you all the keys to understanding
A customizable route thanks to a modular program

The day is organized around two plenary conferences which take stock of the situation:

  • issues related to the industry of the future;
  • the constraints and consequences of the all-electric policy.

The interventions will be accompanied by concrete examples related to the area addressed. In addition, 12 workshops will be held around the 3 themes of the day: factory 4.0, energy transition and sustainable innovation.

You will have the choice to participate in 4 of them among those which answer the most to the problems of your sector of activity. Your time will be optimized with a tailor-made program.

In addition to these two plenary conferences and these 4 workshops to choose from, you will be able to select a CerT.I certification module. of Engineering Techniques, worth 270 €. These CerT.I. are interactive reference articles with training quiz and validation test allowing the obtaining of a Techniques of the engineer certification.

You will have the choice among 18 themes dealing in depth with additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, or even greenhouse gases, energy storage or ecodesign.

Quality interventions by experts in the field

Effective transmission of knowledge requires a choice of quality speakers. Each of them has been carefully chosen for its recognized expertise in its field. So that the overview is complete, the speakers come from the world of industry, research or consulting. They occupy different types of positions and have varied, specialized and complementary skills: production manager, chemist, manager, deputy, teacher, etc.

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According to François-Xavier de Thieulloy, Expert Industry of the Future referent in the operations department of Bpifrance, speaking on December 9 at the opening conference of the Carrefour de l’Industrie du Futur, French companies must take a turn and challenge their business model by passing by humans:

“The conviction within Bpifrance is that we are in the midst of the industrial revolution. Companies must take the turn, those who do it first have a head start. This business model revolution must go through people before technology. Even if it is attractive and present with your competitors, technology must remain confined to a means and not an end. “

The industry of the future is already at your doorstep. To acquire and maintain your competitive advantages and stand out from the competition, register with Carrefour Industrie du futur!

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