Tonchy was sentenced for not changing the name of a vehicle in which they found drugs

The leader of the Cochala Youth Resistance, Mario Antonio Bascopé.

government ministry

Mario Antonio “Tonchy” Bascopé, leader of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC), was sentenced to ten years in prison for a case of trafficking in controlled substances, reported last Wednesday the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo.

This is a different process than the one followed by the Prosecutor’s Office for allegedly participating in acts of vandalism in October 2020 in Sucre and for which he is being held in preventive custody in the San Roque de Sucre prison.

In an interview with Correo del Sur Radio FM 90.1, Jorge Valda, Bascopé’s lawyer, claimed responsibility for the complaint from his client’s family that the case was “set up” by the national government.

The lawyer claimed that the process against the leader of the RJC arises from the sale of a vehicle that was defendant in 2015, two years before controlled substances are found in this motor vehicle under someone else’s control.

He explained that Bascopé did not comply with the process of changing the name of the owner of the vehicle, for which he was implicated in the alleged drug trafficking. He even points out that he was not in the country when the events occurred.

“It is a true Dantesque scenario of criminal legal irrationality,” said Valda, indicating that the case was reactivated in 2020, three years after the fact, because Bascopé leads the RJC.

“How can the alleged accomplice be convicted as the author?” The lawyer questioned.

This Monday, according to Valda, the sentence will be handed down and the arguments of the Sentencing Court will be known, Therefore, from this fact, the defense of Bascopé will follow the steps for an appeal.

This is the interview with Jorge Valda, Mario Antonio Bascopé’s lawyer: