Tongue cleaning: why is it important?

During the’daily oral hygiene a lot of importance is attached to the correct cleaning of the teeth to eliminate plate e food residuesmain responsible for oral diseases such as caries e gingivitis. The tongue cleaning is equally important and allows you to keep your mouth healthy, eliminating bacteria that can form on its surface.

Tongue cleaning: why it’s useful

I bacteria present in mouth are deposited on the teeth, forming the dental plaque, but also on the surface of the tongue. These represent a risk factor for the general health of the mouth and can lead to the appearance of oral diseases such as:

The tongue cleaninglike that of the teeth, therefore allows you to have a healthy mouth and it can be done in a simple way, using different tools:

  • toothbrush: You can brush your tongue using the bristles where he dorso of the toothbrush, if it has small plastic ridges, by brushing from the bottom to the tip
  • tongue scraper: there are different types of scrapers that are passed over the tongue, from the bottom to the tipto remove the bacteria present on the surface.

When cleaning the tongue, especially with the tongue scraperyou have to place the instrument gently, without applying pressure. This procedure is recommended once a day after cleaning the teeth with dental floss or interdental brush.

Healthy mouth: how to recognize it?

Before making the tongue cleaning it is recommended to analyze the surface to understand if there are possible oral diseases. To do this, just look at the color which must be pink and uniform throughout the area.

If during the check you notice the presence of swelling, roughness e color tending to whiteit is probable that the language has aexcessive presence of bacteriasymptom of an oral cavity problem. In this case it is recommended to make one follow-up visit to the dentist who can identify the causes of the problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment for each case. For more information about your oral health you can contact the Humanitas Gavazzeni Dental Center Bergamo.

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