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Security and judicial sources in the first and second prosecution Sheikh Zayed, on Thursday, the full details of the causes of the death of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and found his body inside his home in the «compound» Sheikh Zayed.

The sources confirmed in statements to «Egyptian today», Thursday, that the initial report of forensic medicine issued after the autopsy said that the death is normal, noting that «the deceased suffered health problems last Tuesday night, and transferred by security personnel working in the compound to the nearest pharmacy, and injected by the pharmacist injections dwelling the mother".

The investigation surprised that «colic and cramps that hit the young artist, was the result of taking drugs and muscle tonic, and that the day of fatigue was returning from the« gym », exhausted due to exercise, and overdose of drugs that caused fatigue».

The investigation team kept surveillance cameras in the compound, and examined it was revealed that Zaki came down from his house with security personnel and took him to the pharmacy, and then returned him again.

The security officers said that they told «Zaki»: «need any need again?», Replied: «needy sitting alone rested», and contacted him the next day, to check did not answer their contacts, and increased concern with the presence of his fiancee and his aunt, and confirmed not to answer Communication, to inform the police, which notified the prosecution to break the door of the apartment, so that the body was found on the bathroom floor.

Investigations indicated that Zaki's autopsy had been ordered to make sure there was no criminal suspicion.

The prosecution announced the burial of the body of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and the prosecution decided to autopsy the body, by the experts of the Department of Forensic Medicine, to determine the causes of death.

The prosecution moved to the morgue of Zeinhom, to debate the body of the young artist, and found no apparent injuries to his body.

Islam Shaker, Deputy Attorney General, inspected the apartment of the artist Zaki, showing the safety of all the outlets of the apartment, and the absence of a hash of its contents, and that the deceased lives alone, while the investigation team listened to the statements of security personnel in the «compound», who were appalled by Zaki's fiancee, and said that dawn on Wednesday The artist felt his fatigue, vomiting and severe colic, and helped him to go to the nearest pharmacy «compound», as the pharmacist injected a house, then wrote a medicine for the injured, to return the security personnel finally to his apartment, and went up to them, and then surprised by his death.

The artist's fiancé Haitham Zaki told the prosecution that she had contacted her fiancé a lot.He did not answer, on the day of his death, and contacted the police with her and Zaki's aunt, to notify the prosecution to break the door of the apartment.The body of the young artist was found on the bathroom floor.

She pointed out that her fiancé was sick a few days ago and went to a doctor, and the day of his death worried him, after repeated contact with him without answer.

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