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Original title: Tonight against Guangzhou Guoan team to control the game

Beijing Daily News (Reporter Wang Yang) At 7:30 tonight, the Beijing Guoan team will host the Guangzhou team in the 20th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League. Guo’an coach Stanley said at yesterday’s pre-match press conference that the team focused on practicing ball control, hoping to control the game in the match against Guangzhou.

In the past few seasons, every time the Guoan team played against the Guangzhou team (formerly known as the Guangzhou Evergrande team), it was a strong showdown with sparks. This season, the Guangzhou team, which played in the “All-China Class”, is not as strong as before. In 21 rounds of competition, it only achieved a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 15 losses, and it currently ranks third in the standings. It can be said that in this battle of Jingsui, the Guoan team has a clear strength advantage.

In this regard, Stanley said, “We have been preparing at our own pace. This week we focused on practicing how to better control the ball in the game to achieve the tactical effect of controlling the game. The schedule has been intensive recently, and the schedule is a bit troublesome. , the team faces some uncertainty, but our players are very professional and thank them for their efforts.”

Attending the press conference with Stanley was Zhang Xizhe, who has scored and assisted many times in recent games. He said that the team has been preparing for each game in accordance with the deployment of the coaching staff recently, and the head coach emphasized some details that should be paid attention to in the game. “We are ready and looking forward to a good game,” he said.