We are following up with you on Saturday, March 16 Arab Gute Talent Program Arabs Got Talent The fifth episode of the sixth season, through the channel channel mbc1, Arab Gute Talent is one of the most famous programs in the Arab world, which is the discovery of talents of all kinds, whether singing or dancing or drawing and other skills of different participants regardless of their age, That this program has achieved a great success during the presentation during the past five seasons, and was able to attract millions of viewers in the Arab world.

Arab Gute Talent Program

This is the sixth season for the program Arabs got talent The Arab Gaut Talent program will be presented by Ria Abi Al-Rashed and the announcer Qusay Khadr. As for the jury, there is star Ali Jaber and Lebanese singer Najwa Karam. And Ahmed Hilmi.

Program Arb Jot Talent Episode 5

We will follow up with you during the next hour viewing The fifth episode of Arabs Got Talent Through the mbc screen at 8:00 pm Cairo time and 9:00 am KSA, it is worth mentioning that the Gilhoum gymnastics team has won the first Golden Baz during this season, the team of Gilhum from Egypt, Menoufia Governorate.

It should also be noted that all the episodes of the Arab Gute Talent program season 6 are presented through the Web site Shahid Net.

We are now following together the events of the fifth episode of Arab Gaut Talent season 6 through the channel mbc channel and will bring you link link on the site watched immediately after the download.

  • MBC Egypt will host the fifth episode of Arab Jut Tanlet on Saturday March 16, 2019. The episode will be shown immediately after the end of the episode.


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