Tonight: math and chess

Annual meeting of mathematicians

Every four years a joint annual meeting of the German Mathematicians Association (DMV) and the Austrian Mathematical Society (ÖMG) takes place, most recently in 2017 in Salzburg. At the invitation of the international organizing committee, Christian Hesse will give the public evening lecture as the main lecture at this year’s conference in Passau on Tuesday. Time: 28-09.2021, 19: 30-20: 30.

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The lecture will take place online and is entitled “Mathematics and Chess”.

Math and chess

The queen of science and the royal game: They are thousands of years old and have found their way into all cultures around the world. The lecture deals with the similarities and mutual relationships between these two cultural assets. Many mathematicians have been inspired to deep problems by the game of chess. And quite a few chess players are also enthusiastic about math problems.

There are chess-related questions that can be solved using mathematical methods. Conversely, there are also mathematical questions that can be solved with chess accessories – i.e. with a chessboard and pieces. The latter in particular seems surprising. Elegant examples of both types of problems should be discussed. General comprehensibility is sought.

Prof. Christian Hesse

Professor Christian Hesse is one of the leading mathematicians and statistics luminaries in Germany and also has a particular passion for the game of chess. Prof. Hesse is the author of numerous books in which he often shows the mathematical foundations of everyday life.

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Most recently published:

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His chess book “Expeditions into the Chess World: Heroes, Deeds, Food for Thought” is now a classic.

Christian Hesse has also published a number of essays on chess, for example in “Karl” and was and is also the mathematics and statistics expert for the Bild newspaper.

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