Tonight, the giant moon crescent adorns the sky of the Arab homeland in conjunction with Venus – argument and evidence


The free pen, a beautiful glow on a new day through our site where we are always keen to provide a wonderful content of the leading news, we would like to admire our dear visitors in the Arab world, and sincere of us also to provide news from the real sources with full transparency and credibility through our website “free pen – the first leader in the Arab region. The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majid Abu Zahra, revealed that the sky of the Arab region is witnessing after sunset on Thursday and moving towards the beginning of the night and the fall of the moon of the holy month of Ramadan Near Venus in an exceptional view can be easily seen by the naked eye. The Astronomical Society in Jeddah said in a report that it would notice that the moon’s moon would appear to be much larger and brighter, because the moon would be at the “bottom point”, the closest point in its Earth orbit, which would make the moon wider by about 5 per cent and 11 per cent. Is the most beautiful compared to the usual habitats, so it is called “the moon of the giant moon”. The unlighted portion of the moon’s surface will be dimly lit by a phenomenon that is referred to as the new moon embracing the old moon, whether that night or during a few nights ahead, and that light is due to the reflection of sunlight from the earth and its fall on the moon. It is worth mentioning that the moon of the moon of Ramadan will move day after day away from the sunset site heading east through the sky, a natural movement in orbit around the Earth and after seven days of coupling will reach the moon for the first quadrature stage. Clubs to thank everyone who read the news very carefully and we liked to bring the views closer to the real leadership we are good at you always, Free Pen, we hope to have your admiration everywhere where news is now transferred
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