More severe penalties and even the withdrawal of the license. Traffic accidents due to distraction at the wheel are still very high and one of the biggest causes is the smarthone. Messaggini, control of the mail up to long conversations without headset or speakerphone, are likely to have dramatic results like the one that took place in Bologna. For this reason the Minister for Infrastructures and Transportation, Danilo Toninelli, announced a radical change of rules: "We are thinking about a tightening of sanctions" for those who use the smartphone while driving, "until the possibility of immediate withdrawal of the license . But even before a choice of the rules, more checks and a necessary work of cultural awareness are needed, especially among young people. Without a change of mentality, the results will always be partial ».

For the pentastellato minister, interviewed by The morning, the use of mobile phones at the wheel "is a very serious phenomenon, because it has to do with our deep-rooted habits and with the mistaken idea that basically certain things can happen only to others. This represents a tragic underestimation of risks ".

IN ONE YEAR 150MILA MULTE – According to ISTAT, the number of victims on the roads in 2016 had finally come to a halt, with 145 deceased less than in 2015. In 2017, however, Polizia and Carabinieri reported a worrying turnaround with an increase of fatal accidents of 1.4% (22 more than in 2016, from 1,547 to 1,569) and, above all, of the victims of 2,7% (45 more deaths, from 1,665 to 1,710). Infractions have also increased due to improper use of the smartphone: 65,104 those committed in 2017 due to the non-use of hands-free or headset-equipped devices, 7.1% more than in 2016. In the last year they have been almost 150 thousand contraventions taken for the incorrect use of the mobile phone. There are several studies that have examined the effects of using the phone or smartphone while driving and emerge significant data: writing a message is equivalent to 10 seconds of distraction and to walk 300 meters without looking at the road, take a selfie distracts from the guide for 14 seconds; to consult a social network it takes 20 seconds (at 100km / h it means going through five football pitches in the dark); the risk of an accident for those using the mobile phone or smartphone while driving is up to 4 times higher than those who do not use it.

THE RISKS OF THE MOBILE PHONE AT THE STEERING WHEEL – Moreover, the reaction times of drivers and at the same time use an electronic device are reduced by 50%; to stop your vehicle while you are talking on the phone with your mobile phone or smartphone in your hand you need 39 meters compared to 8 if instead you use headset or hands-free kit (basically 31 meters more); using an electronic device lowers the attention threshold making it similar to that of the driver with an alcohol content of 0.8 g / liter (the limit is 0.5). For now, Article 173 prohibits the use of mobile phones or smartphones to drive, even to send text messages. Those who violate these provisions are subject to administrative sanctions from 161 to 646 euros and the deduction of 5 license points.

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