Too many health “no green pass”, the Rovereto hospital must close the dialysis center three afternoons a week – Rovereto

ROVERETO. The dialysis center of the Santa Maria del Carmine hospital in Rovereto is forced to reduce opening hours, closing the department for three afternoons a week. Since last Tuesday, and until further notice, no more treatments after 1pm.

And it will be the same today and Saturday. The decision is not part of a simple reorganization but is a consequence (the first for Santa Maria del Carmine) of the measures that the Provincial Health Services Agency is taking towards its employees who have not yet fulfilled the vaccination obligation anti Covid-19.

For this reason, in Rovereto too, there is a lack of mainly nurses and the activity, in this case of the center that deals with dialysis where there would be a shortage of seven people, must suffer a slowdown.

The director of the Dialysis Center at Santa Maria del Carmine is Dr. Giuliano Brunori, who coordinates a recently renovated ward with twelve artificial kidney dialysis posts and is functionally and organizationally dependent on the Nephrology department of the Trento hospital. All people who need hemodialysis treatment in the Vallagarina district come to the Corso Verona center. There are approximately forty for a total of over 6 thousand sessions per year, increased since June 2019 thanks to the works that have made the center more efficient.

It is therefore an important reference for the territory, which in this case is among the first hospital services to be affected by the situation. We are talking about the suspension of health workers due to non-compliance with the vaccination obligation.

In the days when we talk about the obligation of a green pass for work, in fact, we must remember that for health professionals there is instead the obligation to vaccinate. A negative swab exhibited every 48 hours is not enough, you must be up to date with the vaccine to be able to work. Or rather, it should.

They would be forty health workers and technicians (apparently Oss and nurses, mainly) who do not have it at S. Maria del Carmine out of a total of over 500 employees. After the first suspensions communicated by the provincial health services company in September, now it would be the new suspensions and therefore the shortage of personnel to impose a cut in some services. Like dialysis, in fact, a life-saving treatment with a not insignificant discomfort for those patients who will have to go to other dialysis centers in the area.

“The Rovereto dialysis center will be closed for three afternoons a week” confirms Silvano Parziani, of the CISL public service. “But I fear this is only the first of the problems that are emerging for the city hospital,” he adds. After all, the Dialysis Center was one of the services on which attention had been paid a month ago, when the unions had begun to deal with the staff who would have died due to suspensions.

But there is also another question that is emerging in this context: “If it is true that not all unvaccinated health workers have been suspended, it means that some of them still work. It seems they do it by exhibiting the negative swab regularly »explains Parzian. “But our clients who have been suspended and without salary at home since September ask themselves how it is possible and above all ask for equal treatment with respect to these colleagues”, underlines the exponent of the CISL.