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Too much glyphosate in baby diapers

A survey of 60 million consumers shows the presence of glyphosate residues in four brands of diapers.
Eighteen months ago, a survey of the magazine 60 million consumers highlighted the presence of toxic or carcinogenic residues in several brands of diapers for babies. Even some references from Pampers, the undisputed market leader, were concerned.
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        A few months later, the magazine consumerist has made new analyzes. This new test, published in the September issue of the magazine, reveals the presence of a glyphosate residue (the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide) in four brands of disposable diapers: Love & Green, Lotus Baby, Pommette and Lillydoo. panic, however, because in all cases, "the levels of undesirable substances remain very low.The health risk seems minimal a priori" insists the magazine.La main surprise of this new edition lies probably in the worst results of Love & Green , baby diapers that had been put forward in 2017 for their absence of toxic residues. Results due to the change of subcontractor according to the brand of ecological layers, which has again changed subcontractors to improve the quality of its layers. Conversely, Pampers seems to have learned from the previous survey since this year, no risk residues were detected in its layers. "To reach the zero toxic residue in the layers, whatever the raw materials used or the subcontractor to whom the design is entrusted, a more severe control manufacturing process is needed "concludes 60 million.A also read: A rental service reusable diapers, a cleaner alternativePoverty baby: where to start?






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