Toon Lagoon must-have in a summer at universal!

It’s time to think about the days of summer ahead, particularly if you have plans to be at Universal Studios Florida for that time of year. With so much to do in the parks, planning will be the key to enjoying absolutely everything you want to experience. My recommendation on this occasion is for all lovers of water attractions. I am personally fascinated by water rides, I find that they take the fun to the max, often have a highly entertaining ride, and are an oasis in the humid heat of Orlando.

At Universal Studios, they specifically focus on one of their parks: Islands of Adventure, in one of my favorite areas, Toon Lagoon! which is the heart of most of the park’s water attractions. Visually it is very attractive, the color floods the entire space, causing a feeling of immediate joy. The design of the place is based on the comics that we all grew up with. It immediately takes us back to the comic strips in the newspapers or to the kiosks full of comics, so nostalgia will play an essential role in enjoying Toon Lagoon.


You will find three attractions. The first is Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls, inspired by the cartoon Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties, whose protagonist is a Canadian mounted policeman who goes through a thousand adventures trying to rescue a damsel in distress with whom he is secretly in love. She even made it to the big screen being sterilized by Brendan Fraser. Well, this attraction recreates several of the iconic scenes in a hilarious ride in a vehicle that goes on rails in the water, circling between waterfalls with an incredible drop at the end.

The second is Me ship, The Olive where Olivia, Popeye’s eternal girlfriend, is the protagonist with a huge ship with a detail that I love. The figurehead is a figure of none other than Olivia herself! Carved and ornamented in the upper part of the cutwater, giving the ship a spectacular touch, just as it used to be with the galleons centuries ago. The boat is designed in different levels where the boys go up and down; there are also slides and you have the possibility to shoot water at the passengers of the game that passes under them.

This game is the third attraction of Toon Lagoon: Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, a trip that begins in total calm to end in a whirlwind of water, where you spin nonstop between water jets, waterfalls and water shots of the boys from Olivia’s boat. All in the middle of Olivia’s rescue that she has been kidnapped by the terrible Bluto, where Popeye will have to face a huge octopus and water everywhere.


Keep in mind that, yes or yes, the attractions will end up soaking them. As always, there is the possibility of wearing a raincoat, if what you want is to reduce the possibility of getting wet as much as possible. But if what you want is to live the full experience, know that you will leave covered in water and with a huge smile drawn on your face.

And to close with a flourish, you will find fairground games! I am referring to the classic games that exist at fairs to have fun, such as target shooting, for example, and where in the end if they win, they will have a prize that is usually a stuffed animal. They are, of course, games with additional cost. And they don’t necessarily have to play, just walk and enjoy the space that is full of magic.

Have an incredibly refreshing day, full of surprises and emotions! I leave you as always a big hug and see you in the next installment.