Top 15 of the best tweets on the search for an apartment, the worst of the galleys

Looking for an apartment is never an easy task. You have to find interesting offers with not too indecent prices, organize a visit, fill out files and beg the owners. The worst part is that things don’t get any better afterwards since you have to move, furnish and everything else. Fortunately, we can laugh about it on Twitter, it makes the experience a little more fun.

1. Quite logical

2. And still it’s not sure

3. Friends who stay at your house way too long

4. So no, it doesn’t work like that

5. And they don’t care about us anymore

6. The guy doesn’t realize that 20 bucks for the bedding is a great deal.

7. A nice story in two tweets

9. Why do they always leave the ad?

10. Yeah that seems consistent to me

11. There’s No Reason After All

12. And hop, it gets out of the apartment

13. Worst mop activity

If you also have a toilet in a closet, do not hesitate to send us a photo.