Top 3 recent smartphones of October 2022: our selection

Each month, we draw up a Top 3 of recent smartphones tested on “Frandroid” so that you can have a good idea of ​​what has been done best in recent weeks. In October 2022, Apple sees double on the podium and Honor also takes a place.


7 /10

Honor 70

  • Very nice design
  • Bright 120Hz display
  • Good battery life and fast charging

It’s hard to know which models can claim to belong to the select club of the best smartphones. However, each month we see a plethora of title contenders. So many devices to test over the year at Frandroid. As the references are constantly multiplying, we like to make a monthly point to stop on the latest interesting mobile phones.

Thus, each time we select three freshly tested models that deserve to be highlighted. Place in the Top 3 of recent smartphones on Frandroid in October 2022 (these were tested in September).

8 /10

Apple iPhone 14 ProApple iPhone 14 Pro

  • Grosses performances
  • Great on video
  • Dynamic Island

Available at €1,299 on RED by SFR

The iPhone 14 Pro made an impression in October. Apple’s latest flagship, it still impresses with its power – here provided by the in-house A16 Bionic – but also with the impeccable quality of its Oled screen, its unparalleled efficiency in video and iOS 16 which improves like wine. of great vintage. Let’s not forget the striking novelty that Dynamic Island represents.

The apple here gets rid of its damn notch for a pill-shaped punch that the brand has managed to exploit intelligently. Thus, the iPhone 14 Pro uses this space to display notifications and contextual information. It’s not only very well done, but it also makes it possible to melt the punch in question into the interface in order to make it forget. We prefer to recommend this Pro version to the classic iPhone 14. The latter does not offer enough evolution despite a price increase.

8 /10

Apple iPhone 14 Pro MaxApple iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • The bigger iPhone 14 Pro
  • Extraordinary autonomy
  • Larger screen

Available at €1,449 on RED by SFR

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is very expensive, too expensive, but it deserves a place in this Top 3, because it has two notable advantages in addition to its overall quality similar to that of the 14 Pro. Indeed, the larger screen offers a diagonal of 6.7 inches instead of 6.1 on the other model. In other words, immersion is more enhanced for your SVoD content. Then, the autonomy is absolutely excellent on this model which benefits from a larger battery, but Apple does not officially communicate the capacities.

If you have the budget and are drawn to Apple’s Pro models, this iPhone 14 Pro is a choice worth considering.

7 /10

Honor 70Honor 70

  • Very nice design
  • Bright 120Hz display
  • Good battery life and fast charging

Available at €549 on Fnac

The Honor 70 does not play at all in the same category as the first two models mentioned in this article. And so much the better! There is not necessarily a need to put more than 500 euros in a smartphone in 2022 to have a high quality product. In this, it does not disappoint with its very well finished design, its 120 Hz screen which knows how to turn up the brightness very high when necessary and good versatility on the photo side. That’s not all: with a solid autonomy coupled with a good fast charge, we are quiet.

We just regret a software part set back, some photo imperfections and a price that could still have been a tad lower at launch.

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