Top 6 shoe trends for skinny jeans in 2023

If we had to count how many days in a year we decide to wear jeans, the number of days would probably be well over two hundred. Jeans are a big part of our daily dressing these days, in spring, summer, autumn and winter. That is why it is very important that we can update it from time to time with new trends, which can make it a little bit new for each season. And the easiest way to do this is to choose the right shoe trend, since shoes can undoubtedly brighten up the simplest jeans set in an instant. Here is 6 shoe trendwhich you need to know in 2023 that a skinny jeans be the most colorful and trendy piece of your wardrobe.

A ballerina

The meeting of the most charming shoe trend and skinny jeans became a great love

Photo: IMaxTree, @endlesslyloveclub

Ballerina shoes are one of the biggest comebacks of 2023. The avalanche may have been started by a piece from Miu Miu’s 2022 collection, then it already conquered the catwalks, closely linked to the balletcore trend, which brought the world of ballet into fashion with leg warmers and tulle. As for ballerina shoes, they are one of the most stylish pairs with straight-leg jeans – which you can find mostly from French women – but feel free to steer them into a more relaxed world with looser styles.

Slingback sandals

The new 2023 duo of skinny jeans and a classic shoe trend

The new 2023 duo of skinny jeans and a classic shoe trend

Photo: IMaxTree, @anoukyve

The sandal, which is almost a shoe, has been represented as a classic in the fashion world for quite some time, but we may sometimes forget about it. The Chanel catwalk reminds us of it almost every season. The slingback has always worked beautifully with jeans, it doesn’t matter if you like the high-heel version or the flat version, it’s guaranteed to make your straight and flared jeans look chic.

The garment that looks good on all body shapes: the revolution of wide leg pants has arrived

The garment that looks good on all body shapes: the revolution of wide leg pants has arrived

Metallic shoes

Flared jeans and a bright shoe trend in street style trends

2023 is a truly outstanding year for metallic shoes, as they dominate both runway and street style trends. It’s no coincidence, since it’s one of the freshest and most wearable trends, and by the way, it looks so great with the blue of the jeans, which results in a unique casualness. Any style can be used with your skinny jeans, from ballerinas to moccasins to strappy sandals.

Unique soles

A unique shoe trend as the conqueror of skinny jeans

Full-soled shoes are now back on the scene in many styles. Sculptural shoes, strappy or plastic solutions, the point is uniqueness, which you can now show off with your short-legged baggy jeans.


Blikk Retro – „Vannak olyan pillanatok, amiket az embernek szűk körben kell átélnie” – Stahl Judit egy évig titkolta, hogy férjhez ment


Mary Jane shoes

The shoe trend that conquered 2023 also works with skinny jeans

There is no doubt about it, Mary Jane 2023 shoes. He broke into the fashion world with such speed this year that almost all attention is now directed at him. There is no shortage of style tips when it comes to it, as the dictators of Instagram and street style fashion have already shown it with so many sets. What is certain is that you are now creating one of the most stylish pairs with skinny jeans.

Basketball shoes

The latest pair of streetwear trends: skinny jeans and the shoe trend inherited from basketball

If you’re looking for the perfect sneaker to pair with your skinny jeans, look no further. High-top basketball styles from Nike and Adidas will create an ultra-cool style with your jeans. This is your option for 2023 if you want to keep up with streetwear trends.

Here are the most promising pieces from the 6 shoe trends, which are now the best pairs of your skinny jeans!