Top Chef 2020: Justine without a brigade, a new rule upsets everything … Replay of episode 1

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Tonight is the grand launch of Top Chef 2020! For this eleventh season, serious things begin directly for the first seven candidates, with a test placed under the sign of essentialism. While some cooks like Mory or Diego decide to revisit classic recipes without taking much risk, Jordan launches into a revisit of veal stew with verbena. A bias that intrigues Philippe Etchebest, but that worries Michel Sarran and Hélène Darroze. For its part, Adrien stands out directly for his relaxation, and his (long) pee break in the middle of the ordeal. At the tasting, Hélène Darroze chooses David and her Michelin star, while Philippe Etchebest recruits Diego. Paul Pairet decides to bet on Adrien, and Michel Sarran chooses Nastasia.

Adrien has his own style

After a first colorful test, make way for the last seven candidates of the season, who compete on the theme of the single product. Whether pumpkin, mushrooms or tomatoes, everyone competes in imagination to seduce the judges. From the start of the event, Gianmarco and its parmesan dish with coffee catch the eye of the chefs. Just the opposite of Arthur, who harvests four reds from the chefs when he announces his coconut dish. After a tasting full of surprises, Paul Pairet chose to integrate Gianmarco into his brigade, while Philippe Etchebest recruited Martin. For Hélène Darroze and Michel Sarran, on the other hand, it is more complicated since the two chefs have chosen Pauline, who chooses the yellow team. It was finally Malory who joined the Darroze brigade.

Gratien directly joins Philippe Etchebest's brigade
Gratien directly joins Philippe Etchebest’s brigade

While Philippe Etchebest joins Gratien as the last member of his brigade after the candidate’s victory in Objectif Top Chef, the six cooks still in the hot seat compete on the theme of the fig. Sweet or savory, the fruit declines, and the least we can say is that the candidates have the pressure! After having given everything for an hour, the verdict fell, and it was finally Jordan, Mory and Jean-Philippe who joined the respective brigades of Michel Sarran, Paul Pairet and Hélène Darroze. But while Maxime and Arthur are the first two eliminated from the competition, Justine unwillingly experiments with a brand new program rule, becoming the first candidate without a brigade. Pending the continuation of this competition which starts decidedly very strong, also discovers the date of diffusion of Beijing Express, back on the mythical road.



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