Top clubs in line for Van Domselaar: “Undisputed…

Daphne van Domselaar
Foto: © Pro Shots

Daphne van Domselaar has become one of the sensations at the OranjeLeeuwinnen during the European Championship. The young goalkeeper replaces Sari van Veenendaal and does that well.

Van Domselaar has been playing for FC Twente Women since 2017. She came over from Telstar’s promises at the time. The goalkeeper immediately impresses the Tukkers, as agent Leoni Blokhuis remembers.

The experienced players of FC Twente went directly to trainer Tommy Stroot after Van Domselaar participated in a position game. “‘Who have you brought in now?’, they said,” Blokhuis tells

“They were totally impressed,” says the agent. She knows exactly how Van Domselaar works: “She can think logically. She has both feet on the ground: what you see is what you get.”

“And she knows very well what she wants and what she doesn’t want,” says Blokhuis. According to her, Van Domselaar was close to a switch to a ‘top club in the Champions League’ during the winter break.

Ultimately, the goalie opted for a longer stay at FC Twente Women, where she signed for one season. “Her ambition is of course to go to the top, but step by step. She is now the undisputed number one at FC Twente and I think she will be the same next season. The chance of playing minutes is greatest there.”

“Clubs often have a nice story, but you also have to dare and be able to see through it. Daphne wants to develop further and not end up on the bench. Then it is sometimes better to wait longer, and then take the step to the absolute top.” Blockhouse decides.