“Top Model”. Sophie quit the show, but gained respect from viewers. “She did a good job for trans people”

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Sophie Mokhar was a participant in the latest edition of the “Top Model” program. She is an aspiring model from Belarus who has already charmed the jurors at the casting. In her business card, Mokhar admitted that she was a transgender person and that she went through a transition shortly after she turned 18. Although she had the support of her grandparents, her parents did not accept her decision. Ultimately, she decided to move to Poland, where she has been living for over six years.

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“Top Model”. Sophie quit the show, but earned the respect of viewers

In the final episode of Top Model, Sophie considered quitting the show. The reason was simple – to take part in it, she took leave from work, which was just about to end. The participant did not expect to go this far, so she faced a difficult decision.

Sophie took into account that she was among the threatened three on the last two panels. She also decided that the people who dropped out in the previous episode, i.e. Łukasz and Olga, deserved a place in the program more than she did. After consulting her decision with her partner, she voluntarily left the model house. This turn of events touched the fans of the program.

She did a good job for the trans people in Poland. Maybe some people will see them differently. Applause for courage.

I wish you to conquer all fashion capitals. You’re great, don’t worry about others, just do your job, there’s no need to feel guilty, because you never know what life is moving.

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I understand it, we as viewers often forget that the participants do not exist only in the program, there is also a normal life outside of it, they have to live for something when they drop out of the show – we read in the comments on Instagram.

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