Top of the week: The parents are upset with Peti Marics, something bad happened to LL Junior in court

As we wrote about earlier, it started a few days ago L.L. Junior is Kcover up Kinga the second hearing of his divorce case at the Érdi District Court. According to the latest information, a decision has been made regarding the couple’s daughter, who is about to divorce.

Kinga and Junior could not agree. Photo: Máté Krisztián

According to the report of Bors, the first two negotiations did not bring the rapper and his former lover, Kinga Körtvélyessy, closer to each other. They could not agree on the child custody issue, during which they even got into a loud argument, but now the court has decided that the mother and father can jointly raise Lili, who is now two and a half years old.

The newspaper knows that according to a court decision made on Thursday, the singer and his ex-partner can take turns raising their daughter together until this autumn – only temporarily.


Peti Puskás he is an idyllic husband and it shows that he gives everything to his pregnant wife. He cares for her with great love and really listens to her wishes. However, he also pays close attention to his career, which is why fans screamed as one when he revealed details about the next Biebers music video. He also showed photos from the shoot, which revealed that the video will take place in the world of Stranger Things, in which Reni will play Will and Peti Puskás will play Eleven. For this purpose, Peti Puskás put on a hospital gown, as Tizenegi wore this in the Hawkins Laboratory when I experimented on him. So good news: the next clip is on its way!


Marics Peti you can hold your head, because in the last few days they were not just gossiping about his new girlfriend on the internet… An XI. the singer of ValMar also became a topic in the district moms’ group, but in a completely different context. Outraged parents and siblings spoke out against Mariccs and accused him of making indecent offers to young girls. Many people were already surprised that their children were banned from ValMar concerts…

Marics Petit was accused of a serious crime Photo: Zoltán Nagy


The past year has been very chaotic and sad cute, because he lost his brother, divorced his wife and a breakup also made his private life difficult. However, he has now arrived at Mokka’s studio full of good news Edina Kulcsár her ex-husband, because it turned out that he found love six months ago, and András Szabó even bought a puppy, so now their family is complete. In Mokka, Csuti also introduced her new little friend, her little puppy creatively named Fradika, she is their new family member Next to Bianka.

Csuti’s extended family Photo: Máté Krisztián


VV Fanni her mother will soon receive a letter from the court that she can get the HUF 4.5 million in cash that the girl took out of the bank before the tragedy, and because of which she ended up taking her life – László B because he did it out of desire for profit. The woman will take the blood money, which the killer forgot in the apartment in his confusion, and which the police seized as evidence of a crime in the first hours of the investigation, with a heavy heart.

Photo: Szabolcs Vadnai

“It’s hard to put into words what Fanni’s mother thinks about this money” he explained dr József Lichythe legal representative of the Novozánszki family for Bors.

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