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Top Trump ally in killing Khashoggi: America's atrocities are "the same or worse"

"The problem that has arisen with the incident in Khashoggi is the same problem that the West has misunderstood the East since Sykes-Picot," he said, referring to an agreement between Western nations after the First World War, the Influence on Khashoggi's influence had the Middle East.

Barack added that "the corrupt hand of the West was the most important instigator in the kingdom."

Khashoggi, a Virginia Post Washington columnist, was killed in October after joining the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. US and international intelligence officials have pointed out that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman probably played a role in the murder.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said death was the result of "Saudi government officials acting outside their area of ​​control."

Barrack chaired the Trump Founding Committee, which had raised nearly $ 107 million in the run up to its 2017 presidential election. Prosecutors have investigated whether illegal donors have channeled money into the fund.

"Tom has never talked to a foreign person or organization to raise money for the campaign, inauguration, or any such political activity, or to receive donations," said Barrack spokesman Owen Blicksilver to the New York Times Times in December ,

Rep. Ted LieuTed W. Lieu Why Democrats Commit to a New Nuclear Policy Ivanka Trump claims that the president had "no" involvement in the security clearance for her, Jared Kushner Joe Kennedy, to support MORE during Warren's election campaign (D-Calif.) Asked on Tuesday why Trump, in the light of his recent comments, linked people like Barrack.



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