Top US General Underestimates Russian Hypersonic Missiles in Ukraine War


The top US general, Mark Milley, downplayed Russia’s use of hypersonic missiles in the war in Ukraine. Photo/Russian Ministry of Defense

WASHINGTON – The supreme general of the United States (USA), Mark Milley, belittled hypersonic missiles already used Russia in the war in Ukraine.

The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff said the use of hypersonic weapons had no truly significant or game-changing effect.

General Milley said so at a session of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Wednesday.

“Other than the speed of the weapons, in terms of their effect on specific targets, we haven’t seen a really significant or game-changing effect to date with the delivery of the small number of hypersonic weapons that Russia uses,” he was quoted as saying. The HillThursday (12/5/2022).

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US defense officials said earlier this week that Russia launched between 10 and 12 hypersonic missiles against Ukraine since launching its invasion of the country on February 24.

Milley added that this is the first time hypersonic weapons have been used in war.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said: “I think he [Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin] is trying to create a certain effect with the use of that weapon [hipersonik]… and as the chief has pointed out [Jenderal Milley], it was moving at a speed that made it extremely difficult to prevent. But that hasn’t been a game changer.”

Austin added that Moscow’s use of hypersonic weapons is not a sign that it is preparing to upgrade to nuclear weapons.

Three days after Russia’s invasion, Putin said in a televised address that he had ordered his country’s nuclear “deterrence forces” on high alert.

The next day, the Russian nuclear missile forces and the Northern Fleet and Pacific Fleet were placed on enhanced combat duty.