TOPIX falls slightly, economic concerns due to re-expansion of overseas corona-cars and air freight are cheap-Bloomberg

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TOPIX fell slightly in the Tokyo stock market. There was a sale that warned of the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection overseas, such as the movement of lockdown (blockade of the city) in Europe. Expectations for resuming economic activity have weakened, and automobiles, electric appliances, and airlift stocks have fallen. Crude oil prices are cheap, and energy-related stocks such as mining have also dropped.

  • The closing price of TOPIX was 2042.82, down 1.71 points (0.1%) from the previous business day.
  • The Nikkei Stock Average is up 28.24 yen (0.1%) to 29,774.11 yen.

Viewpoints of market participants

Hiroshi Namioka, Chief Strategist of T & D Asset Management

  • In Japan, where vaccination has been delayed, the number of infected people is small so far, but it is necessary to pay attention to the trend after the year-end and New Year holidays when the vaccine effect diminishes.Investing in travel-related stocks is easy to avoid
  • Although there are concerns about a lockdown in Europe, the market is supported by the resilience of the US economy, which continues to have good economic indicators.After the start of trading, there was a purchase in shipping stocks and materials related items.

TSE 33 industries

High drop rate Catering industry, transportation equipment, air transportation, banking, petroleum and coal products, chemicals
Highest rate of increase Shipping, insurance, securities / commodity futures, glass / earth and stone, warehousing / transportation


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  • The dollar / yen exchange rate remained in the low 114 yen range per dollar, and the closing price of Japanese stocks on the previous business day was 114.35 yen.