TOPIX is slightly high, buy for retail-Economic indicator reserve trading value less than 2 trillion yen-Bloomberg

TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) is slightly higher in the Tokyo stock market. Seven & i Holdings, which the antitrust authorities agreed to acquire a US company, was bought, and retail sales were noticeable. Financial stocks such as insurance, steel and shipping are also high. On the other hand, growth stocks such as semiconductor-related and precision equipment were sold, suppressing the rise in the index.The wait-and-see mood has risen ahead of the announcement of domestic and overseas economic indicators, and the trading value of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is estimated at 1,968 billion yen.It fell below 2 trillion yen on the 24th.

  • The closing price of TOPIX was 1965.67, which was 3.02 points (0.2%) higher than the previous business day.
  • The Nikkei Stock Average is down 18.16 yen (0.1%) to 29,048.02 yen.
  • The trading value of the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is estimated at 1,968 billion yen, falling below 2 trillion yen following the 24th.

View of market participants

Atsushi Ishigane, Chief Strategist of Mitsubishi UFJ International Investment Trust

  • The volatility after the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has settled down, and the stock market is in trouble.
  • This week, a series of domestic and foreign economic indicators such as the US ISM manufacturing business conditions index and employment statistics were announced in June, and investors are difficult to move due to the approaching end of the month, and the volume is small.
  • While the state of emergency is being lifted and vaccinations are progressing, the supply and demand itself is tightening, so it will not drop that much.

Tetsuo Seshita, General Manager of Saison Asset Management Department

  • Japan’s stock demand is volatile but firm-interest rates have not risen rapidly and relative expectations of the Japanese economy are recovering in the foreign exchange market
  • High-tech stocks sold in the U.S. market continue to flow in today’s Japanese market
  • The US Nasdaq Composite Index, which had been strong this month, seems to be in an adjustment phase, and it is still difficult to determine whether the tide will change.

TSE 33 industries

Highest rate of increase Steel, shipping, retail, securities / commodity futures trading, textiles, electricity / gas, banks, insurance
High drop rate Mining, precision equipment, air transportation, warehousing / transportation related, pulp / paper