“Topless” in the swimming pool: also an option for Wolfsburg?

Swimming pools in Wolfsburg

“Topless” in the swimming pool: also an option for Wolfsburg?

03.05.2022, 15:45

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If you tan in the outdoor pool, you don't need to wear a top - not even in Wolfsburg.

If you tan in the outdoor pool, you don’t need to wear a top – not even in Wolfsburg. “Usual swimwear” is only required when entering the pool.

Photo: Stefan Rampfel / dpa

Local politics in Wolfsburg is open to swimming topless. But there are also counter-arguments.

“Staying in the wet area of ​​the baths is just normal swimwear permitted” – so it says in the house and bathing rules of the Wolfsburg baths. If you want to go swimming, you have to wear a bathing suit, bikini or swimming trunks. In Göttingen the regulation was recently softened: everyone is now allowed to swim topless there.

Would that be a model for Wolfsburg? Such a step is not initially planned in the administration. In the local politics However, the people of Wolfsburg are very open-minded. “It’s high time,” says about Sandra Straube (PUG). It is difficult to understand why you can sunbathe in the outdoor pool without a bikini top, but have to get dressed for swimming.

Green: Desexualize female breasts

“It has something to do with it equal rights to do,” says Irene Siemann from the greens. She is also in favor of making it possible for everyone to bathe topless. “Perhaps such a step would become the woman’s breast desexualize‘ thinks Sieman. At the very least, going to the swimming pool topless shouldn’t be sanctioned – regardless of gender.

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The background to the Göttingen decision is a concrete case that shows how complex the supposedly banal discussion about the swimwear im Swimming pool is. One non-binary Person, i.e. someone who does not clearly belong to the female or male gender, had taken off the top while swimming and was prompt with one House ban; ban on entering the house been occupied. The one that follows public debate was the trigger for the new regulation in the Goettingen baths.

CDU: Weigh the advantages and disadvantages

“This discussion fits into the current zeitgeist,” he says Robin Scheil. The CDU politician is chairman of the Wolfsburg sports committee, in which the topic is located. Scheil finds it important that people can develop freely – but one would have to see how the opinion of the general public is represented. But basically: “It wouldn’t hurt me. There are obviously people who do this freedom important is. You have to ernst take.”

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The parties FDP and Volt in Wolfsburg see it the same way: And so they want a corresponding one at the next meeting of the sports committee, which will take place on Tuesday, May 10th application introduce. “Perhaps a guide to action is enough for them lifeguard“, says Stefan Kanitzky (Volt) – in the sense that “violations” of the clothing specifications are not sanctioned. It’s about gender equality and desexualization the female breast.

SPD: Currently see no need in Wolfsburg

The SPD is taking a somewhat wait-and-see position in the discussion. You don’t want your own Initiative start to change the regulation, says SPD subdistrict chairmen Immaculate Glosemeyer. “I wouldn’t mind if someone topless go swimming,” says Glosemeyer. But others might see it differently. It is therefore conceivable, for example, to relax the regulation only on individual days. Overall, the SPD in Wolfsburg currently sees no need on the part of the Citizenship: “So far, no one has approached us about this matter,” says Glosemeyer.

In any case, it must be guaranteed that the opportunity to go swimming topless is not abused become. This is emphasized by Irene Siemann (Greens) and Sandra Straube (PUG). One may tensioners Don’t open the floodgates, Straube thinks. And Irene Siemann says: “There are certainly people who would stretch – what in turn inhibitions bathers to make use of their new freedom at all.”

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