Toprak Remembers Funny Moments at WSBK Mandalika

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Toprak Razgatlioglu reminiscing about funny moments with French racer Jules Cluzel during the race WSBK Mandalika delayed due to heavy rain.

WSBK Mandalika, which is the last series of the 2021 racing season, leaves various memories for racers, including Toprak. The Pata Yamaha racer won the title at the Mandalika Circuit.

In addition to memories of the success of winning the first title in the WSBK event, Toprak also has other memories that can make you smile.

When heavy rain poured down on the Mandalika Circuit on Saturday (20/11), instead of being frustrated waiting for the decision on the fate of race 1, Toprak also enlivened a commotion in the area. paddock when Cluzel took a rain shower.

Cluzel, who just moments before finished race 1 Supersport shirtless while enjoying the pouring rain. Toprak, who was still fully clothed, without a helmet, then approached Cluzel and splashed the racer with water from a bottle.

The photo was re-uploaded by Cluzel in his Instagram feed on Wednesday (11/24).

“Funny moment after race 1 with the new world champion @toprak_tr54,” wrote Cluzel on the julescluzel16 account.

Toprak then displayed the photo that Cluzel uploaded on his Instastory.


The Mandalika WSBK Race 1 was later confirmed to be postponed. The race that was supposed to take place on Saturday (20/11) was shifted to Sunday. Meanwhile, race 1 of Supersport will continue on Saturday because it takes place just before heavy rains wet the Mandalika Circuit track.

Toprak confirmed the WSBK world title after placing second in race 1 of the WSBK Mandalika.

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