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Tore Petterson on retinal detachment

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Former “Skal vi danse” judge Tore Petterson (42) was operated on at Ullevål hospital on Monday, after he experienced a retinal detachment this weekend.

Retinal detachment occurs when the thin membrane that covers the back of the inside of the eye detaches from the substrate. The condition can be experienced as a curtain that is drawn over the field of view, and many experience that the vision suddenly disappears. Quick surgery is then required, according to NHI.

Burn: – A nightmare

Getting better

Petterson tells See and Hear that the operation is successful. It must have taken a couple of days from the retinal solution until the operation was performed on Monday.

– The retinal detachment took place on Friday or Saturday. I was admitted yesterday and had surgery today around lunch, he says.

He himself believes that the shape is rising, and jokingly adds that the neck feels worse than the newly operated eye. However, Petterson makes no secret of the fact that the experience has been unpleasant.

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– I was really scared! Have never been to hospital before and missed Joakim was unbearable at times, he says.

The TV profile found love with Joakim Tjøstheim in 2019. Despite a scary experience without his girlfriend by his side, he must still have been well taken care of by the staff.

Petterson himself shared the news on Instagram Sunday night.

- I was really scared

“On it again. The eyes have not intended to give me time off completely yet, given! », He wrote on Instagram’s story function for a picture of himself in the hospital bed.

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On the road to recovery after surgery

On the road to recovery after surgery

Eye problems

However, this is not the first time Petterson has had eye surgery. In the period December 2019 to January 2020, he underwent two operations – one on each eye.

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How to read See and Hear * for free this summer

How to read See and Hear * for free this summer

Prior to the operations, he revealed in the podcast “Comment field – Adam and Tore” that a foreign body in his eyes had loosened and that he therefore had problems with his vision.

- I'm not blind

– I’m not blind

One consequence of this was that he had to stop driving, which was problematic for Petterson as he works as a lecturer, among other things.

When Se og Hør talked to the 42-year-old after two successful operations, he had the following to say:

– I see faces again for the first time in many, many years. Completely raw. However, I also suddenly see in the mirror that I am not twenty years old anymore. It is a plus and a minus for everything, he said, and continued:

– But with glasses, I am now fully back behind the wheel in just a short time. I am so relieved.

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For several years, Tore Petterson has left his mark on Saturdays throughout the autumn. Through the TV route, Norway’s population has seen him judge celebrities’ dancing skills in “Shall we dance”.

Recently, however, it became known that Petterson’s “Skal vi danse” journey is now coming to an end.

“Then it was public. My services are no longer wanted by ‘Skal vi danse’ and TV 2 », he shared on Instagram earlier in June.

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When asked by See and Hear about what he puts into this, he said:

– It sounds very dramatic. It’s not that dramatic. They have renewed themselves and want to make their own mark. It is a new production company and they wanted to make changes. It’s sad, of course, because I’ve had a lot of fun. There is no one who is irreplaceable, and I have known that all along, he said.

Dance judge Egor Filipenko (33) will also not be seen in the upcoming season of the program. It has also been confirmed that Morten Hegseth (35) will be the judge.

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