Tornado in New York


Florian Pfurtscheller

| 2 years ago

A tornado hit the New York borough of Queens on Thursday evening. Fortunately, this was quite weak, so that the damage was limited.


A powerful thunderstorm cell moved over the New York borough of Queens on Thursday evening and a tornado developed from this.

Tornadoschneise in Queens
Tornadoschneise in Queens ©UBIMET

The tornado drew an approximately 1 km swath of devastation. With wind speeds of 120 to 130 km / h maximum, several trees were knocked down and a power outage occurred in some parts of Queens. Fortunately it was already quite late and there were neither injuries nor deaths.

Tornadoes are rare in New York

Tornadoes are extremely rare in New York. There have only been 10 tornadoes in the metropolis since 1950, with an increase over the past two decades. So far, only Manhattan of the five major districts of New York has been spared from a tornado.

Tornados in New York
Tornadozugbahnen in New York ©UBIMET

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