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Home News Tory Brexiteers could once again condemn May to defeat Politics News

Tory Brexiteers could once again condemn May to defeat Politics News

The government could face another embarrassing defeat in parliament after a group of Tory Eurosceptics suggested that they would later be ready for a Brexit vote.

The motion asks the House of Commons to reiterate its support for what was agreed in a previous vote two weeks ago.

In this vote, MEPs adopted an amendment calling on the Prime Minister to seek changes to the Irish bases in new negotiations with Brussels, but also a majority for an amendment excluding the possibility that the EU would not leave without an agreement.

A group of Tory Brexiteers has stated that they will not be able to vote for the proposal later if they tacitly reject a no-deal Brexit – an option that many consider them preferable to Brexit.

"I think it's important to make it clear to the government that we do not support that," said Ben Bradley, Mansfield's conservative Brexite member.

"There will be discussions going on in the run-up to voting to see if the motion needs to be changed or perhaps a clarification is needed, but we do not want to give this to the government or people in the future. The ability to go back to come and say that the Brexiteers have actually decided not to take a deal off the table because that's not the case, "Bradley told Sky News.

Last night, a delegation from the European Research Group, the conservative party's tough Brexite wing, tried to persuade the government's chief whip to make last-minute changes to the movement, but to no avail.

Downing Street rejected the application, which was filed in the name of Theresa May, and would take a no-deal Brexit from the table.

The official spokesman for the Prime Minister said, "What the motion reflects is the position the Prime Minister has set after these votes, and Parliament wants Britain to leave with an agreement, but we need to get legal cover." binding changes to the attack. "

He added, "No-deal is a contingency we want to avoid, but one we're still planning, is there no deal left on the table, the answer is yes."

Caroline Spellman, the former Conservative Minister, who tabled the amendment on January 29 and rejected no objection, indicated that the government's move today is a step towards a no-deal exit.

"I think that's really important, because it shows that the Prime Minister respects the will of the House, and if you put down this amendment and put a hook to it, Parliament will be able to pass a law enacted to rule out a No Deal Brexit, "she told Sky News.

Labor has tabled an amendment to today's motion seeking Parliament's control over the Brexit process if the government has not given Theresa May a second significant vote before 27 February.

Shadow Brexit Foreign Minister Sir Keir Starmer said the goal is to prevent the Prime Minister from pursuing a "ruthless" policy of running down the clock in a way that leaves no time but a decision between their deal or one Deal.

Downing Street had hoped that today's vote will be a modest procedural moment after the Prime Minister promised MPs that they would have another opportunity this month to vote on the Brexit process.

It is known that several ministers, including some in the Cabinet, are preparing to resign their positions in order to vote against the government in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

However, with another vote on February 27, Ms. May bought another two weeks before the minister may have to make such a decision.


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