Toscana Pride Livorno, 20 thousand “for the rights of all”

Thirty thousand, as estimated by the organizers, maybe they are not. But at least 20 thousand yes, and how. Among those who parade at the Tuscany Pride 2022 from piazza della Repubblica to the Terrazza Mascagni, and who, on the sides of the streets, perhaps looking for a shady corner, the parade Lgbtqia+ supports it with the same signs, flags, rainbow necklaces, songs and dances of those who challenge the heat to claim the rights of all.

Yes, because those twenty or thirty thousand who are on the streets of Livorno, starting at 4 pm yesterday 18 June, have endured heat as never before in this end of spring which is already full summer. A crazy heat that has not stopped the desire to demonstrate, to scream for “sacrosanct rights not yet recognized”, to always remain “out with our pride and our viability and against the wind, resisting any attempt to cancel us, become invisible, normalize us” .

“Today in Livorno we were 30 thousand – say the organizers -, we did not expect such a large participation. We have written a page in the history of this city and of our Tuscany. Thanks to all the people who with their presence wanted to testify to the commitment daily in the fight against discrimination and hatred. Together with the allied civil society present in mass, the rainbow community has given a colorful and peaceful response to the winds of hatred that have already been blowing over our country for some time “

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A colorful, peaceful, orderly, respectful parade. Many families, parents with children, grandmothers and uncles. “To those who want to make us retreat on the road to rights – it was said again from the terrace stage -, to those who applaud for having buried a law of civilization, to those who build their own politics on ‘no’ and on the walls, we have made our strong and united voice. Those who describe us as a threat to public order and public decency, those who would like us to be silent and compliant, have lost today “.

At the head of the procession, holding the banner of the organizing committee, were also the mayor of the city Luca Salvetti and the regional councilor Alessandra Nardini. With them, the representation of the 130 institutions that sponsored the event, many of which with the tricolor band and banner. A gay invasion characterized by the presence of 9 floats including 6 from the Committee associations: Agedo, Arcigay Livorno, Arcigay Firenze “Altre Sponde” Ireos self-managed queer community, Arcigay Arezzo-Chimera Arcobaleno and the inevitable train of the Rainbow Families.

“Today – the words of the president of the organizing committee, Luca Dieci – is above all the day in which we ask, in Italy, for our direct. We have recently been close to touching them but have been denied us once again. The wind blowing against us is the libeccio, the contrary wind that moves the boats: but we go out and ride it to ask for what is rightfully ours “.

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