Total blackout. Lebanon is on the verge of collapse

On Saturday, the two largest power plants, Zahrání and Dajr Ammar, stopped operating due to a lack of fuel. This has led to a power outage across the country. Some buildings managed the outage because they have their own generators, but they cannot run all the time because the country also lacks diesel.

After the outage, the army agreed on Saturday evening to provide six million liters of fuel oil, which will be evenly handed over to both power plants, the state energy company said.

The Department of Energy announced on Sunday that the central bank had approved a $ 100 million loan for tenders to import fuel for generators. He added that deliveries to the network were already as high as before the outage.

NO COMMENT: A fuel tank is burning near a power plant in southern Lebanon

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The situation on Monday was complicated by a fire in a heavy fuel oil tank at a power plant in Zahraj South. The fire has already been brought under control.

Fuel oil fire in Lebanon

Photo: Hassan Ammar, ČTK/AP

Libanon v krizi

The country is facing an energy crisis, with electricity supplies unavailable for up to 22 hours a day.

The Lebanese economy is on the verge of collapse. In 2019, GDP fell by 6.7 percent, last year by 20.3 percent, and this year the World Bank predicts a decline of another 9.5 percent.

The port of Beirut during a blackout

Photo: Mohamed Azakir, Reuters