Total Traffic Jam, Cipanas-Puncak Route Closed

Vehicle density to the Puncak tourist route, Gadog, Kab. Bogor, West Java (Source:

KOMPAS.TV – The long holiday ahead of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia caused traffic in the Puncak area, Bogor, West Java, to jam.

It was recorded that until Sunday afternoon (16/08/2020), traffic jams in the Puncak area reached tens of kilometers even though the Bogor Regency government had implemented large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

This long traffic jam resulted in the Cianjur Police having to close the Cipanas-Puncak route.

Kasatlantas Polres Cianjur, AKP Meilawati said that long lines had been seen since noon to late afternoon, but vehicles could still drive a little even though they were stuck. However, until Sunday night (16/08/2020), the volume of vehicles heading to Puncak-Bogor increased sharply and the queues continued to lengthen so that even vehicles could not move and caused a total traffic jam.

The Cianjur Police Station immediately closed the route in anticipation of the traffic jam.

The point of congestion occurs after the Ciawi toll gate goes to the Gadog intersection towards the Peak.

In addition, even though the Bogor Police Precinct Traffic Unit has implemented a one-way system, traffic jams still occur at the Gadog intersection towards the Peak. The number of vehicles from the direction of Jakarta exiting the Ciawi Toll Road is also observed to be still high.



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