Totalbike – News – Twenty engines could fall victim to emissions standards

Not only car manufacturers but also motorcycle brands could be delicately affected by stricter emissions regulations. Incidentally, the categories for engines are different than for cars, and we are currently holding Euro 5 on our continent. In Japan, however, regulations are being tightened, with key elements adapted to European ones. This could end the careers of a whole host of types.

Carscoops reports that renowned Japanese manufacturers could mow a total of twenty models by the end of this year, a good ten per cent of Honda’s, Yamaha’s, Kawasaki’s and Suzuki’s combined 190-type range. According to Nikkei, the change will be most spectacular at Honda, where 10 out of 80 machines will disappear. Mention is made of the CB400 Super Four, some Gold Wings, and the Benly scooter. Suzuki throws out five out of twenty, such as the GSX250R and Yamaha, among others, the FJR1300. Once the full list is in place, we will see more of the number of machines sold in Europe.

In Japan, a stricter standard was introduced for new motorcycles from the end of 2020, but there was still some grace for existing models. It expires in November this year, and for many models it would simply be too costly to adapt to the latest regulations. These are easier and painless to simply remove from the supply.

Like carmakers, many engine manufacturers are trying to respond to tightening regulations with electrification. Honda has already begun the process and plans to transition by the 2040s. Yamaha promises that by 2050, 90 percent of its vehicles will be plugged in, while by 2035, Kawasaki would leave only purely electric or hybrid motorcycles on offer.

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