Totalcar – Guts – Porsche Takes Coolest Photos of the Year with Back to the Future DeLorean

There are 4,800 charging points in the world for Electrify America and the European Ionity charging network, which in itself is really not very exciting. However, from the 1.21th century gigawatts and October 21st (when McFly and Doc arrive in the future), exactly what came to their minds about this number is like you or me: Back to the Future.

You have a great history of Back to the Future trilogy as well, but it’s nothing like John DeLorean’s self-employed, working in a great position at the previously renowned manufacturers, got into the ground.

What came out of the two, however, is a real icon. Equipped with a brushed stainless steel body, the seagull-winged DMC-12 has become an authentic time machine known to the whole world and a lot of fans love it.

The 800-volt Taycan with the 270 kW charger may charge from 5 to 80% in 22 minutes and accelerate to 100 in 2.8 seconds, but at a speed of 88 mph, the DeLorean will move to another age. And with Mr. Fusion on the back, he can do pretty much anything.