Totalcar – Magazin – This is how they beat the JSZP: even the holy inquiry is infallible

But what does the system know? The odometer readings of the technical tests are recorded, and similar information is also generated during sales and authenticity checks – this is also recorded. True, it is only as perfect as a system managed by people. Now it’s not about when the clerk accidentally knocks you aside or brings in an extra character – although this can also be extremely unpleasant for the owner. No, I’m talking about intentional fraud.

The picture is an illustration

Within the framework of the JSZP, we can even get an idea of ​​previous accidents, but only the data found in the policy registers of the compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance are displayed.

The system can be cheated, which is why it is worth treating with reservations.

The following is a non-fictional story, but I have changed the names of the characters

For example, let’s take a company, let’s say Fiatal Autókkal Szállitunk Kft. (in short … ehh, let’s leave it), which has a fleet of 8-10 vehicles. Due to the company’s activities, the cars go almost 0-24 – and not taxis. Of course, with alternate drivers, carrying one or two passengers. It is not uncommon to cover a distance of 4-500 kilometers in one day. Even with a conservative estimate, this is 10,000 per month, or 120,000 km per year (with 20-22 working days per month). At best, the oil is changed every two months, if the control is absolutely necessary, and of course if something goes wrong, they fix it, but they don’t do much else. This company mostly buys its cars abroad, preferably with low mileage. At the time of purchase (when the car enters the country), the odometer reading is of course recorded. At the next technical test – no matter how many times you have driven – 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers will be entered into the system. Because they wind back the clock before the exam, and then it goes on sale. And the annual mileage of 20,000 is completely believable, even a little higher than the Hungarian average.

A car is not kept for more than one and a half to two years, and it is typically sold with mileage below/around two hundred thousand kilometers. You can calculate how many kilometers disappear in the sink – and how much profit goes into the sellers’ pockets.

But how does the clock wind back?

There are two options. There are services that provide this kind of service. There used to be a workshop along the M3 motorway: Szétchaudt Autók Renoválás Bt., (in short, er…, ah, let’s leave this too) -, where you had to ask for a odometer correction when hiring. Depending on the type of car, it took 15-50 minutes master with work. There were two prices. The professional package included the rewriting of all stored mileage values ​​for increasingly complex cars. The amateur package is a only what is shown on the display worked according to principle. Since this happened 4-5 years ago, the amateur package was also more than enough, at that time there were still few condition assessors visiting the dealerships, and not every third buyer asked for a brand service inspection.

The other option for rewinding is the Kivonuuló Autó Kilometeróra Innovations, which specializes in this (in short …, you know) stretching specialist volt. The master came, fiddled with his laptop and left. And mileage has dropped significantly. This is how it can happen that a car sold with 170,000 kilometers was advertised as having a new control system – of course, the fact that it has already been changed twice was left out.

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Scams like this are made very easy by the fact that the following stereotypes have persisted for years that a car’s mileage is reflected by:

  • worn steering wheel and shift knob
  • worn out driver’s seat
  • worn pedal tires

If this holy trinity was OK on a used car, the citizen hummed with satisfaction under his mustache and all that was left to do was close the deal. Moreover, with a JSZP query you could be quite sure. And the guy has already walked into the trap. Of course, a good steering wheel protector, a seat cover and a pedal rubber change will make the car as good as new. The polish is just icing on the cake. He ran a little, he was spared the apple of the family’s eyes.

Since the car was never taken to a dealer, and rarely to a mechanic who had a normal diagnosis, the cochlear or even negligent rewinding was not revealed. Of course, there was astonishment when the atomizer tips broke in under two hundred thousand, the double mass fell apart, the turbo died, etc. Fords and Opels, which are very strong in the corporate segment – typically with diesel engines – may have gained some of their bad reputation from here and similar cases.

This is how some small businesses, individuals who drive a lot, and companies that carry out illegal passenger transport can optimize their costs. And then we didn’t even talk about the long-term rental, leased cars, which e.g. Its annual mileage is limited to 15,000 kilometers – but they go much more. They will sort this out somehow.

In summary. Use JSZP, it’s great that you have it, but don’t blindly believe everything.