Totalcar – Magazine – Aceman is the first to wear Minik’s new design

The Concept Aceman is Mini’s new electric crossover, with which it presents the new design language of the brand’s electric car future. According to Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s design chief, a completely new era is beginning in the life of the Mini, but the team tried to keep the historical motifs that made the Mini a Mini.

The Aceman was designed in the spirit of “Charismatic Simplicity”, blending the existing hatchback silhouette with sharp edges and sporty wheel arches. The car is 4.05 meters long, 1.99 meters wide and 1.59 meters high, which means that it is just four centimeters longer than the Cooper and four centimeters taller than the Countryman.

An electric car solution is that the radiator grill neither cools nor is a grill, instead a closed plastic panel and a digital panel are found, and the shape is drawn around by an LED strip. Any graphic can be displayed on the digital part, and a part of the Union Jack is visible on the concept, true to Mini. The flag pattern was not spared, it is also reflected on the rear lights, the roof rack and the plastic inserts in the wheel arches.

The front headlights broke with tradition, in their angularity they are closer to the Countryman lamp design. The car’s youthful atmosphere is strengthened by the multi-hued paintwork: the main color, Icy Sunglow Green, is complemented by a roof blown on the famous British Racing Green, black plastic on the bottom, and blue elements.

At the same time, chrome was not used either on the exterior or the interior of the car, in order to emphasize sustainability, and animal skin was also replaced with alternative materials, such as suede. Inside, the color palette and pattern almost go to the extreme, which counterpoints the minimalist dashboard: the continuous surface is broken only by the central infotainment plate familiar from Minis, the steering wheel and the simple control panel.

What is new is that the entire surface of the central display is now OLED, and the Mini has received the latest Android-based operating system. It is not known whether it is a concept car fever dream or a possible way to replace the screens that cover everything, but a projector can project, for example, the infotainment image onto the smooth surface of the dashboard.

The launch date and technical content of the Aceman have not yet been announced, the first live presentation of the car is planned for next month’s Gamescom in Cologne.