Totalcar – Magazine – Aldi vs. Auchan: where is the gas station price competition?

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In Budaörs, there used to be a minimal difference between the prices of Auchan and Aldi stores, but now the situation has changed. Price map in which Envi, Shell and Mol also play.

Before the price cap period, the gas stations of the chain stores were among the cheapest, so even though they have few gas stations – Aldi only has three, Auchan has seven – they were attractive targets for many motorists. In Budaörs, near the exit section of the M1 and M7 highways, both store chains have filling stations, so the demand is a given. There are also large well networks in the area, including Mol and Shell. On Friday, we looked up how much 95 and diesel are sold at the wells there.

It turned out that Auchan is now lagging behind, because at the gas station in Kandó Kálmán utca (at the time of writing this article), you have to pay HUF 610 per liter for 95 gasoline, and HUF 665 for diesel. There is also a Mol well a few hundred meters away on the road to the highway, where gasoline costs 626 forints and diesel costs 690 forints.

The Envi filling station next to the Metro store sold fuel at HUF 623 and HUF 683.

Aldi’s big rival, Auchan, offered HUF 623 petrol and HUF 683 diesel at the well a few kilometers away on Friday. This is surprising because before the price cap period, there was usually a HUF 1-2 difference between the fuel prices of the two store chains.

We also visited the Shell wells on the border of Budaörs and Törökbálint, next to Tesco in Budaörs, and the Mol filling station next to the highway. They have adjusted the prices to the penny, petrol is HUF 626 and diesel HUF 690 for all of them.

Note: Described in our price chart above gasoline and diesel prices were in effect on the morning of Friday, January 20, and may change later, even within 1-2 days.

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