Totalcar – Magazine – AMG sets the future with an elegant coupe study

One of the problems with the seemingly inevitable transition to electric propulsion is that it also calls into question the meaning of certain brands. AMG is like that too, but the experts at the brand have now shown in a car what direction they will be heading in the future.

The car is called the Mercedes Vision AMG Concept and officially features the purely electric platform AMG.EA, developed specifically for sports models. No details have been provided so far. So much so that the very high-performance, axial-flux electric motors are YASA products belonging to Mercedes, and it is also striking that, like most Mercedes electric cars today, this study is characterized by very long wheelbases and short overhangs. This suggests that a large but relatively thin battery gets into the floor, so the overall height of the car can remain sportily low.

What’s also really interesting is the design of the Vision AMG Concept: our rabbit coupe shape with its upturned back may be familiar, the EQXX sharpened for aerodynamic efficiency has a similar, though not as elongated, silhouette. The pre-tilted nose section and LED pattern imitating the grille, on the other hand, are a completely new element that will obviously be a defining feature of the upcoming electric-powered AMG models.

Other defining details of the shape are the concealed rear spoiler, the large, two-part diffuser – which here seems to be more than just a decorative element – and the small brackets that include the cameras that replace the mirrors. However, the Vision AMG Concept does not even try to look like a functional vehicle with its rear and side windows that are transparent from the inside: it is more of a sculpture here, a summary of the ideas for the AMG brand in the market for the first decades of the electric car era.

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