Totalcar – Magazine – Battery promises in Chevrolet and Opel electric cars

General Motors has made a spectacular attempt to avoid this costly solution, but it very much looks like they have realized that more and more car fires can do more damage than the cost of a recall.

Although the specific recall has not yet been announced, a spokesman for the company has announced that they have already begun arranging a battery replacement with supplier, LG Chem. The task is not insignificant: more than 50,000 cars will need to be produced with a new battery, for all Chevrolet Bolt and Opel Ampera manufactured between 2017 and 2019 in Korea.

It looks like the exact cause of the car fires has still not been revealed, all that is certain is that battery packs made from cells manufactured at LG Chem’s South Korean plant tend to ignite.

The decision to recall Hyundai Kona EVs, which also use these problematic cells, was made in February, but General Motors had previously hoped it could use a diagnostic program to filter out faulty batteries. But the car fires that have occurred since then have shown that their method was not effective enough, while the fires have brought both Chevrolet and LG Chem an increasingly uncomfortable, almost constant press attention. No wonder they would rather bear the significant cost of recall to save their reputation.


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